General Hotel  i located close to the river Storelva that floats out in the "Tyrifjord". We use the river and the fjord actively together with our guests and we have a good selection of both outdoors and indoors activities. Here you can build your team spirit - or just do something together.

Group sessions at Actic Gym

Actic Gym

Actic is a large gym located 100m south of the hotel. They have a large amount of various group sessions with everything from standard spinning to weights etc. Various dance- and staminasessions like zumba, step and aerobic is also available. If your group would like som alternative training; Actic can also provide yoga and pilates classes. Get in touch for more information.

Billiards classes

Vår biljardsalong

Downstairs we have a small billiards saloon. Here you'll find one 10-feet snookertable and one 9-feet american pool table. We can provide instructions for small groups. Everything from basic rules to advanced technique and tacticks can be learned here. This text has not been completly translated into english yet, so please get in touch if you want more information.

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