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    "The room was comfortable and ideal.
    The staff was very friendly and welcoming.
    Parking is free."

    - Gjesteanmeldelse fra Andrey L, Tripadvisor

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    "Amazing food. Great prices. Polite staff. "

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    Kjempegod frokost, variert pålegg.

    - Gjesteanmeldelse fra Ann, Booking.com

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    "The staff was very professional at all time, and the 3-course dinner we will never forget. "

    - Gjesteanmeldelse fra JanP, Tripadvisor

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    2 konferansesaler og 2 grupperom.
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Hotel in Hønefoss with Italian pizzeria

Bordoppsett til konferanser

We rig our conference rooms the way you want them rigged. Here you'll find an overview of the most common configurations and a few words about what type of meetings they are best suited for. Have a look, choose your configuration and let us know.

Kino-oppsett Hestesko
Cinema configuration is best suited for relatively short meetings where there is no need for table space. In "Regimentsalen" North / South we can fit 56 delegates with this configuration. If we connect the two rooms - we can make room for 116 delegates. This is a good configuration for meetings where there is a lot of dialogue between the delegates. It is a little space-demaning though. In "Regimentsalen " North / South we can fit 24 delegates with this configuration, but 22 is more optimal. This configuration is not perticullary suitable for larger meetings.
Skoleoppsett 1-bords Skoleoppsett med rekker
SCHOOL "rows"
Especially suitable for classrom-scenarioes where the delegates need a lot of table space (for computers etc). In "Regimentsalen" North / South we can fit 16 delegates with this configuration. If we connect the two rooms together, we can fit 34 delegates. With this configuration, all the delegates get a litte table space to take notes and rest their cup of coffee. In "Regimentsalen "North / South we can fit 32 delegates with this configuration. If we connect the two rooms, we can fit 76 delegates.
Styremøteoppsett Caféoppsett
Good for relatively small meetings with open discussions. Kommandorommet is custom made for these type of meetings. 10 er less delegates is ideal, but we can fit 12. This is a good configuration for meetings with lots of small groups doing excercises etc. There are a number of variations for this configuration, so talk to us about what you are planning to do - and we'll guide you to the best version.