Our events

Here at General Hotel we provide much more than just rooms with breakfast! Are you on the lookout for something special? We have lots of interesting contacts and can arrange a wide variety of events in a relatively short amount of time. Helgelandsmoen contains several interesting areas, like an outdoor amfi, a football court and a great green area near the river "Storelva".

Entertaining and activities is our speciality and we can compete with the event bureau's both on price and ability. A rock consert with lightshow, a dance by the pier, tivoli? Our contacts can offer pretty much anything.

We do the work for you
We produce what ever you want, handle sub-contractors, deal with logistics, bookins and production of every aspect of your event - if you want us to. We can

Versatillity, ingenuity and ability is not only our vision - but a reality here at General Hotel.

Standard activities
One does not allways have to re-invent the wheel. Don't forget to have a look at our standard activities menu.

Felleskjøpet KickoffDekket til fest i telt ved Bunker'n Grill

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