3-course menus


Our 3-course dinners with wine menus! We also compose menus on order, so please get in touch if you have a special request. The translation here is a little short, so please get in touch for more details.

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MENU 1 – «OX»
Isebergsalad and our own dressing

Slow cocked entrecôte, sirloin or tender loin
Tomatoconfit, broccoli and fried mushrooms
Potatogratin and peppersauce

Panna Cotta with strwaberry sorbet

Price with entreôte - kr. 475,-/person
Price with sirloin  - kr. 520,-/person
Price with tender loin - kr. 545,-/person
Wine menu
1st course: Gregoris Chardonnay IGT
Main course: Punto Final Malbec
Dessert: Gran Feudo Moscatel Dulce

Price upon request

Chicken breast Toscana
Stuffed with pecorino and prosciutto crudo
Fried greens and truffel parfumed risotto

Carrè of lamb and home made sausage
Artichocke-cream, baked onions and carrot with anise
Toasted potatoes with a sweet pepper glace

Creme Brulè
Pistachiocracker with banana and passionfruit sorbet

Kr. 450,-/person
Wine menu
1st course: Antonio Fattori Soave Classico "Runcaris"
Main course: Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico
Dessert: Gran Feudo Moscatel Dulce

Price upon request

Pickled local fish, maki with warmsmoked trout and crayfish tartar
Soyagel and wasabi custard

Slowcocked rump, sirloin or tender loin
Sweetpotatoe purè, Brussel sprouts with bacon and salt-baked beetroot
Parisienne potatoes and a creamed morel sauce

Soft chockolate kake
Pickled apricot and coconut-icecream

Price with rump – kr. 520,-/person
Price with sirlion  – kr. 570,-/person
Price with tender loin – kr. 600,-/person
Wine menu
1st course: St. Urbanhof Estate Riesling
Main course: Marques de Vitoria Reserva
Dessert: Recioto della Valpolicella Casotto del Merlot

Price upon request

Cured duck breast with a mild chicken patè
Mango- and applesalsa with garlic- and tarragonmayoneese

Salma-Salmon and oxtail confit
Creamed Savoy cabbage, parsley, capersbutter and onion marmelade
Amadinepotatoes and veelglace

Tiramisu and strawberry sorbet

Kr. 420,-/person
Wine menu
1st course: Sancerre les Montachins
Hovedrett: Rizzi Barbera d'Alba DOC
Dessert: Marsala

Price upon request



We decorate the tables with flower arrangements, white table cloths, candles and napkins.
The prices are based on a minimum order of 20 persons.

A reduction of the number of guests must be made 3 days before the event.





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